July 21, 2009

  • A Bible Code: A Revelation of Moshiach in 5769 (2008-2009)?


    A Bible Code: A Revelation of Moshiach in 5769 (2008-2009)?


    Bible Code_5769_Moshiach_Yinon_Yeshua_graphic


    Term   Translation     Skip    R Factor         (in Matrix)       Start    End

    èñùúä 5769 [2008-9]    94         0.248      2.510      Exodus Ch 23 V 25 Letter 12          Exodus Ch 23 V 33 Letter 16

    çéùåî (Moshiach)     849        -2.724    -0.461    Exodus Ch 23 V 2 Letter 14            Exodus Ch 25 V 23 Letter 39

    ðåðé (Yinon)              187        -3.404    -1.141    Exodus Ch 23 V 15 Letter 77          Exodus Ch 23 V 27 Letter 14

    òåùé (Yeshua)                    2              -1.377    0.885      Exodus Ch 24 V 2 Letter 23            Exodus Ch 24 V 2 Letter 29


    The ELS reference is 94 characters between rows.

    There are 4 displayed terms in the matrix.

    The matrix starts at Exodus Ch 23 V 2 Letter 14 and ends at Exodus Ch 25 V 24 Letter 26.

    The matrix spans 3429 characters of the surface text.

    The matrix has 37 rows, is 45 columns wide and contains a total of 1665 characters.



    ·    èñùúä-5769 [2008-9] the year 5769 on the Jewish Calendar.


                      ·    Moshiach- meaning ‘The Anointed’, ‘Messiah’… i.e., ‘Christ’.


    ·    Yinon- believed by the Medieval Jewish sage, Rashi, to be the name of Messiah by his interpolation of the Hebrew in Psalm 72:17 and Micah 5:2.


    ·    Yeshua- (the Savior’s Hebrew name later translated as ’Jesus’) is found in Exodus (Shemot) 24:2. Quite interesting… compare it, if you will, with Deuteronomy (Devarim)18:15-19… then ‘CLICK HERE’ .


    ·         The above matrix would appear to strongly imply a close relationship between the following: i.e., Moshiach (the Messiah), Yinon (believed to be a name of the Messiah), the Savior’s name, Yeshua; and lastly, the year 5769 (2008-2009) which will end on September 18th, 2009 according to the Jewish Calendar. Might this year be the beginning of the revelation of a great and heretofore hidden mystery? Moshiach Yavoh!  Messiah is Coming!


    ***See further coded revelations of Yeshua in Torah  ‘CLICK HERE’ !


    Also, could the following be a part of the beginning of this great revelation?… please view:  Orthodox Jew Wants Yeshua!

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