January 17, 2008

  • A Poem: An Ephraimite Plea… For the Glorious Olive Tree

    An Ephraimite Plea…

    For the Glorious Olive Tree

    by Aviel E. Rodriguez




     Arise my brother, Judah, to Ephraim’s plea:

    YHWH’s Torah

    inscribed on hearts-

    by Grace- is urgency!


    In raising David’s Tabernacle,

    YHWH, please help us see

    that Your Olive Tree well ‘stablished

    in Mashiach is our need;

    and to manifest Echad in Love…

    the nature of its Seed.


    O Judah, view our Father’s plan…

    His truth and constant care:

    Ephraim’s house- to you once lost-

    his fruitfulness we bear!


     And singing of Yah’s boundless GRACE,

    we’ve praised Him fervently.

    Yet we confess as Joseph’s vine…

    to seem ‘a rootless tree’.


    Once lost- now gathered from the nations-

    awake “Ephraim’s fulness”…

    For we sleep upon a throne!


    “Hear O’ Israel, YHWH Eloheinu,

    YHWH Echad”

    to us should be well known.


    But instead, pursuing men’s traditions

    as to structures in the “Church”-

    in countless, multiple denominations-

    behind battlements we perch.


    So that most of Joseph’s vine

    must yet discover at its base:

    that the POTTER cast TWO Families…

    for His Purpose: LAW AND GRACE.


    There is no power in disunity;

    and His image we must clone…

    So how long, O’ House of Israel,

    shall we quarrel with our own?!


    The answer comes, the answer is:

    Till the Daystar’s light arises,

    shining forth for them that pray:

    That “Ephraim’s fullness” enter…

    to awareness of the day…


    In which the calling he’s been given

    is “Protect and not betray”

    our brother, Judah, whom in blindness

    was by us led more astray…


     Due our “Gentile Ways” and “Passion Plays”

    which cast a biased hue,

    ‘how could they see?… how could they hear?’

    Yahshua’s Spirit and his Truth.


    Yah’s Plan of Grace, they’ve deemed disgrace:

    Prone to blindness- just as we-

    they rejected and denied him…

    as the Prophets said would be.


    Nonetheless!… Judah’s writings

    have made possible the news:

    That our Messiah… our Salvation…

    by Yah’s Grace, is of the Jews!


    Thus, our Father’s plan comes to fruition

    through a faith that must abound–

    For TORAH, as wholly righteous,

    cuts ALL SINNERS to the ground.


    Thus, repent Ephraim!

    Boast not yourself…

    because of Judah’s fall!

    Yahshua’s blood has ransomed BOTH

    and broken down “the wall”.


    For ALL have been indicted…

    so that ALL may be redeemed…

    is the POTTER’s Plan of Mercy:

    Grace-filled hearts… His Law to beam!


    The wall built up has been cast down.

    So repent Ephraim!  Boast not, yourself,

    in the errors of our youth!

    For He- Who’s ONE- will surely come…

    Restoring us to Truth!


    So, let the House of David rise up

    from the dust of ages past…

    As awareness of the “fulness”

    enters Israel, at last.


    He molds BOTH into one people

    who will share a common past…

    As they realize the purpose

    of the POTTER’s “Double Cast”.


    If Truth and Grace should flow from Zion,

    then must Judah and Ephraim

    ’ever be ECHADas HE!


    For the Holy One

    bids us: ‘Become…

    His Glorious Olive Tree!’

    cOPYRIGHT 2004   

     Two Olive Trees_2

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